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søndag 15. februar 2009

long lost.

i realized it's been quite a while since i last blogged here, iono what to write about right now so i guess this is just a hello i'm back blog, not that anyone reads this blog anyway tho :) but its my little place for letting out my feelings :)

søndag 6. januar 2008

Britney, Fallen star?

So today I was listening on the radio, the newsreader told that Britney has been hospitalized for locking her self up with her 2 kids n 2 guns, one of them a Beretta 92FS, that K-fed gave her for her bday, n the reasons all the police came was because K-fed himself was worried that Britney would shoot herself and the kids.

Then they said that later Dr. phil came to meet her n she got really pissed, which is the most healthy sign I've seen from her, cus we all kno that if u hate Dr.Phil, everythings ok :)

After this news they played her song piece of me, and I noticed something about these lyrics, her song, was about how she feels, when media makes everything she does even worse, so I started thinking,

All the pressure shes had on her shoulders ever since she was a kid, theres no wonder it went too far for her.
Ever since she was pushed in the spotlight as a kid it was her responsibility to support her family, n keep food on their tables, imagine if she didnt do it, if she never got famous what would Brit. be like then?

I really feel sorry for Brit, shes an awesome singer, her last album is actually really good, even tho shes lost in la la land right now.
I hope she gets back on the right way, cus when u've reached the bottom, theres only one way ^-^ n thats up! GO BRITNEY!

lørdag 5. januar 2008

First Meeting.

This is my first meeting with this world, so I would like to introduce myself.
My name is FrostRose, more than this I wont tell you yet, its gonna be my lil secret.
I hope you'll find this interesting. With this I mean whatever I feel like writing about ^-^

Welcome to my blog!